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GLOW @ New Street Gardens

Kindly Sponsored By ENERPOWER and SMARTPLY


Come to New Street Gardens in the heart of Waterford City Centre where Winterval has created a beautifully lit oasis for all to enjoy. Every branch, corner, and walkway will be twinkling in fairylights.


Whether it's children looking on in wonder or adults needing a peaceful space amidst a busy day, the magic of Glow will soothe the senses.


In the words of The Drifters "Right smack dab in the middle of town I found a paradise that trouble proof!"


The show is located in New Street Gardens, Waterford


Opening Times

Friday's, Saturday's, Sunday's @ 5pm, 5:40pm, 6:20pm

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sustainable self-sufficiency for the commercial and industrial sectors, benefitting future
generations. We are an industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable technologies, such
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We deliver high quality products and
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SMARTPLY Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is the versatile, cost effective and environmentally
friendly alternative to plywood. It is manufactured by compressing precisely engineered strands
of woods with exterior resins at high temperature to create an incredibly strong and versatile


SMARTPLY is made from sustainable, fast-growing timber, as we only use forest
thinnings of new-growth pine and spruce, including the tops which are not used to make any
other wood-based product.

As part of the Coillte Group, we pride ourselves on our sustainable supply chain and
manufacturing processes, meaning our products are as environmentally conscious in their make
up as they are in their application.

More information on our innovative range of products can be found at:

Event is FREE and not ticketed.



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